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Jack Ewing - Wood turner

Aloha from Molokai, Hawaii. I'm a wood turner here on the island of Molokai specializing in woodturning Koa bowls, Bark edged Koa bowls, Curly Koa bowls, Norfolk pines bowls, and Hawaiian Kou, Milo and Kamani bowls and Hawaiian calabashes. I also woodturn Norfolk pine lamps with Milo bases. The Norfolk pines bowls and lampshades are turned very thin which allows them to be translucent creating something like a wooden Tiffany.

Wood for making Koa bowls is getting very difficult to obtain and the supply of Koa bowls and Koa calabashes is becoming very limited. Curly Koa bowls are almost non-existent.

Molokai doesnít have a McDonalds, K Mart, Wal Mart, Burger King or traffic light. Molokai doesnít have many woodturners either, which allows me to obtain a large amount of rare Hawaiian hardwoods such as Koa, Kou, Milo, Kamani, and Monkey pod. Norfolk pine isnít that rare but the thin Norfolk pine bowls and lamps I make from it are some of the most beautiful pieces I create.

Besides Koa bowls I make traditional Hawaiian Kou, Milo and Kamani calabashes. Kou is one of the rarest of the woods and was the most desired wood of the early Hawaiian" woodturners" for making Hawaiian calabashes. Unfortunately about 180 years ago an insect was introduced {spider mite} which all but decimated the Kou tree population in Hawaii. The Hawaiians used Milo, Kamani, Koa and Monkey pod for calabashes after the demise of Kou. I was fortunate in obtaining a couple of large Kou trees from developers and probably have the largest contemporary collection of Kou calabashes in Hawaii.

I enjoy making translucent Norfolk pine bowls and Hawaiian Kou calabashes the most. However turning the Norfolk pine bowls very thin without cracking them isn't that easy. One miss move and say aloha to it!

"Spock out" my work and information. Donít miss the page on "Tree to Gallery" if you want to know the process I go thru to obtain the pieces you see on my site.


For more information and prices, which range from $175 to $8,000, please email me Dakine2448@gmail.com

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Norfolk Pine Bowl

Norfolk Pine Urn

Milo Poi Pounder

True Kamani Bowl

Natural-Edge Milo

Opiuma Coffee Table

Milo Calabash

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Milo Platter

Norfolk Pine Bowl

Norfolk Pine Lamp

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